Executive Director of The Hollywood Black Film Festival

“I help filmmakers get their films financed, seen and sold!”

Hi! Tanya Kersey here…

You know how so many filmmakers are frustrated with their attempts to get their film made and overcome all the obstacles standing in their way?

What I do is help indie filmmakers transform their careers from struggling to soaring. I shepherd filmmakers through the financing, development, production, marketing and distribution process of getting their film made, so they can make financially, creatively and critically successful films, and make a living doing what they love.

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​The Breakthrough Filmmaker Success Academy is Your Essential Resource for the Training, Advice, and the Support you need to Plan, Create and Grow a Profitable, Meaningful Filmmaking Career and Get Your Film Financed, Seen & Sold. “It’s the road map for you to script your own Hollywood success story from dream to screen!"